Easter Retreat 2014

Easter Retreat 2014: The Mystery of Jesus Christ

30 January 2014

April 17-20, 2014. Gather with us at our Easter Retreat, “The Mystery of Jesus Christ: Understanding Your Own Real Self,” at the Inner Retreat. Our focus will be on the initiation of the resurrection, which all of us must pass through to achieve our Christhood.

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Magnet of the Heart

Join the Ascended Masters in Assisi!

05 December 2013

August 3 – 7, 2014. The latest information and registration page for the SU program, transportation and lodging now online. Plus info on optional tours of Assisi, Sienna, Florence and Rome following SU.

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feature The Open Door

The Mystery and Mission of Jesus

16 April 2014

As much as we think we know him, many aspects of Jesus’ life and mission remain a mystery. Did He actually come to hold the karma of our sins at bay until we could bear it ourselves?

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feature bookstore

Ascended Master Teachings – Easter 2014 Releases

16 April 2014

New books, audios and DVDs from The Summit Lighthouse released at the Easter 2014 retreat. DVDs Exclusively Available Online at TSL Bookstore.

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Chakras, crystals and 7 rays

Chakras, Crystals and the Seven Rays

14 April 2014

Chakras, crystals and the seven rays - taken together we have a potent mix of focuses for enhancing health, wholeness and our eventual reunion with our Divine Source!

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Hold on to Your Light! – Online Radio

07 April 2014

Just as there are angels of light, there are angels of darkness. This recognition is essential for all those who seek and serve the Light, because these dark angels are tireless in their efforts to steal our light.

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The Mystery of the Perfect Christ

31 March 2014

The mystery fulfilled is in the opening of your eye, not to relative good and evil but, by and by, to the revelation of the perfect Christ within you. By that perfect Christ, by that perfect light, the co-measurement of the real and the unreal is clear.

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Gems, crystals and ascended masters

True Gems on the Spiritual Path

26 March 2014

The ascended masters have given us myriad tools to help us on the Path - Violet Flame, the Science of the Spoken Word, decrees…and, from our great Mother Earth, precious gems and crystals.

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modern day mystic event

Become a Modern Day Mystic

26 March 2014

By living heart-centered as the mystics do, you will find that you will be able to navigate life’s many challenges and tests with increased harmony, confidence and centeredness, the kind of centeredness you feel when you walk on the beach at sunset.

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Pallas Athena - wise owl

A Word to the Why’s

24 March 2014

While formulating an answer to the question of why we are here, another thought occurred - While it’s all well and good to contemplate the 'why' of our existence as sons and daughters of God finding our way Home, what is it that keeps us on the path?

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