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Archangel Michael and Archeia Faith

Archangel Michael

Archangel Michael is revered within the Jewish, Christian and Islamic traditions: Catholic: Saint Michael; Hebrew: מיכאל, Micha’el; Latin: Michael; Arabic: ميكائيل Mikha’il or (in the Qur’an) Mikhal.

His name means, Who is like God. In Joshua 5:13-15, Archangel Michael appeared as a man with a sword in his hand who identified himself as the captain of the Lord’s host. In Revelation 12:7, he is named as the archangel who cast Satan out of heaven.

Archangel Michael and his divine complement, Faith, serve on the blue ray of spiritual light. They can assist in purifying and strengthening the throat chakra and in mastering all blue-ray qualities.

The blue ray provides us with spiritual and physical protection and is pivotal to the proper expression of power and leadership. It is also essential for developing faith and attuning to the divine will and one’s divine plan. The angels we know as guardian angels serve under Archangel Michael.

Here’s a quick fiat that you can give to Archangel Michael if you are ever in personal distress and need immediate assistance.

It can be especially helpful in traffic mishaps and difficult situations of all kinds when no other help is in sight.

Prayer to St Michael the Archangel

Give this call aloud with intensity to bring Archangel Michael instantly to your side:

Archangel Michael, Help me! Help me! Help me!

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