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Who are the Ascended Masters?

Ascended Masters Jesus And Saint Germain

Ascended Masters Jesus & Saint Germain

The Ascended Masters are enlightened spiritual beings who once lived on earth just like we do.

Over the course of many lifetimes of devotion and striving, they fulfilled their mission and reason for being—their divine plan—and ascended back to their divine source, reuniting with Spirit. Though they once had physical bodies like we wear, they now dwell in the heaven world, or etheric octave, and have bodies of light.

Many Ascended Masters have chosen to stay connected with souls on earth to guide them. They are the true teachers of mankind, directing the spiritual evolution of all those who desire to reunite with divine consciousness, or God.

The Ascended Masters are the mystics, saints and sages of East and West, great avatars and servants of light who are part of a vast Brotherhood of spiritual beings and angelic hosts that join hands with mankind to work for the betterment of life on earth. This Brotherhood of Light is also known as The Great White Brotherhood.

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