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The Open Door Radio Show – Teachings of the Ascended Masters® Online

Refreshing Internet Radio – The Open Door Online!

Ascended Master Radio Need inspiration to make it through the week?

Wonder how to put all the pieces together?

Want to know how to unlock your God potential?

The Teachings of the Ascended Masters® have been called “the path above the path.”

The ascended masters are the saints and sages of East and West and their teachings incorporate the original core beliefs of all major religions. One who follows Buddha would find these teachings equally compelling as one who follows the words and work of Jesus Christ.

The ascended masters teachings unify and embrace. They accept the seeker where the seeker is and honor each individual’s spiritual path as a sacred “walk.”

Explore an inner reality rich with possibility: Tune in Tuesdays at noon and midnight (MST) to The Open Door Radio Show

Shows are archived and available as an MP3 download at the VoiceAmerica™ website, iTunes and via RSS.

The Open Door Radio Show Program

Listen to timeless interviews with renowned author and spiritual leader, Elizabeth Clare Prophet. Examine the concept of Self and talk about the true nature of your relationship with God. We’ll look at how to unlock the potential of God within.

Hosts Thom and Ross discuss practical spirituality in action, young adult perspectives, share preparedness tips, plus “Everyday Kindness” with Terry Canady, the World’s Nicest Man.

Tuesdays at noon and midnight (MST).  Go to The Open Door radio show page

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