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Saint Germain’s Heart Meditations

Saint Germain's Heart Meditations given to Elizabeth Clare ProphetYour Challenge in the Age of Aquarius

The challenge of the Aquarian age is for men, women and children alike to raise up the light of the Divine Mother in their four lower bodies and their chakras. The fusion of the Mother light with the light of the Trinity gives birth to the Christ within us and opens the door for the Holy Spirit to dwell in us bodily.

Do You Want to Make Your Ascension?

Some have asked Elizabeth Clare Prophet, “What can I do to become a candidate for the ascension?”

Her answer is that no one can become a candidate for the ascension unless he has developed his heart flame and his heart chakra. You need have a threefold flame that is fairly well balanced.

Your Heart Chakra

The heart chakra is one of the seven chakras. It has twelve petals. The threefold flame, the heart flame, burns in the secret chamber of the heart.  It is the focus of the Holy Trinity of Father, Son and Holy Spirit and its fount is the Divine Mother.

Your Threefold Flame

You balance the threefold flame by balancing karma, resolving relationships and seeking the pure love of God, the pure wisdom and the pure will as power as well as the light of the Divine Mother.

The flame is powerful yet delicate. It is not native to this octave. And therefore we must keep the flame alive by the sacred fire breath, by the call to God, by the word, by right action.

Saint Germain’s Heart Meditations For Heart Chakra Balancing

Saint Germain’s Heart Meditations I & II, delivered by the Messenger at Saint Germain’s request, are for the clearing, strengthening and initiation of the heart chakra and the balancing of the threefold flame. They include devotional prayers, decrees, mantras, hymns, meditations and visualizations as well as instruction and invocations by the Messenger and the opportunity for participants to offer personal prayers.

How to Use the Heart Meditations

The best, of course, is to be able to devote the time in absolute concentration and meditation, to follow the directions given, participating in the music, prayers, fiats, and decrees.

But if you can’t do this, you can also play them while you are otherwise occupied with your hands, preparing to retire, preparing for your day’s work so that you get some connection to the heart and the heart of Jesus, the heart of Saint Germain, the heart of God to develop your heart chakra.

Saint Germain’s Heart Meditations I & II given to Elizabeth Clare Prophet:

Saint Germain’s Heart Meditation I: 1 hr. 32 min.
Saint Germain’s Heart Meditation II:  3 hr. 51 min.

1 MP3 CD, 5 hours, 23 minutes, $19.95, #M10025.  Recommended for Keepers of the Flame<sup>®</sup>.

BUY Saint Germain’s Heart Meditations I & II, $19.95.

“Neglect not my Heart Meditations, for as you increase the fire of the heart, so, beloved, I increase my presence in your heart. The increase of the threefold flame is your key to the all-power in heaven and in earth that may be given unto you….Seek it, beloved….Do not think I will be offended if you cannot give 100-percent attention to these meditations. You need to imbibe them, to assimilate them, to drink them in, to hear my invocations given through the messenger and to accept them.”—Saint Germain, July 4, 1991



Beloved Saint Germain’s Coronation Hymn, Glory Be to the Father, Transfiguring Affirmations of Jesus the Christ, I Love You Waltz to Saint Germain, Deep in My Heart” (Mark L. Prophet), Introit to the Holy Christ Flame, Holy Christ Flame, Djwal Kul, Come!, The I AM Lord’s Prayer, Adoration to the Great Central Sun, I Love You Waltz to Saint Germain, Praise the Lord…, Great Central Sun, Adoration to the Great Central Sun, Adoration to the ‘I AM’, Because, The Lord’s Prayer, O Love That Will Not Let Me Go, A Ballad from Beloved Paul the Venetian, Buddhist Mantras.

Mantras and Fiats:

I AM the Resurrection and the Life of God’s Purity in Me Now!, AUM, I AM a Being of Violet Fire! I AM the Purity God Desires!, O Lord, I AM Worthy, Make Me Worthier Still!, In the Immaculate Heart of Mary, I Trust!, I AM the Resurrection and the Life of God’s Purity in Me Now!, Come, Holy Spirit, Enlighten Me!, O Holy Spirit, Come unto Me, Lo, I AM That I AM, O God!, Let My Heart Be Thy Heart!, Lo, I AM That I AM, O God!, O Beloved I AM Presence, Let Thy Forgiveness Descend through My Christ, My Husband!, O Thou Forgiving Heart, O Thou Forgiving Heart, Have Mercy upon Me, O God!, I AM the Resurrection and the Life of God’s Purity in Me Now!, Come, Holy Spirit, Enlighten Me!, O Holy Spirit, Come unto Me, Cut Me Loose and Set Me Free from All That’s Not Christ Victory!, Charge Us with Thy Crystal Light!, OM AH HUM VAJRA GURU PADMA SIDDHI HUM, OM VAIROCHANA OM, OM AKSHOBHYA HUM, OM RATNASAMBHAVA TRAM, OM AMITABHA HRIH, OM AMOGHASIDDHI AH, OM HUM TRAM HRIH AH, MAIM, Hear, O Universe, I AM Grateful!


0.01: “Violet Fire and Tube of Light Decree”
1.00: “The Keeper’s Daily Prayer”
20.03: “Balance the Threefold Flame in Me”
0.07A: “I AM the Light of the Heart”
6.05: “Traveling Protection”
10.11: “I AM Presence, Thou Art Master”
1.01: “Call to the Fire Breath”
5.00: “Calls to the Unfailing Light of God”
60.06: “Beams of Essential Light”
0.06: “O Mighty Threefold Flame of Life”
7.10B: “Meditation on Self”

Ascended Master Dictation:

Saint Germain, March 28, 1988

Invocations, Meditations, Visualizations, Instruction and Teaching

BUY Saint Germain’s Heart Meditations I & II, $19.95. Recommended for Keepers of the Flame®.

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