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Become a Modern Day Mystic

By living heart-centered as the mystics do, you will find that you will be able to navigate life’s many challenges and tests with increased harmony, confidence and centeredness, the kind of centeredness you feel when you walk on the beach at sunset.

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Jesus on Atlantis – Online Radio

Before Atlantis disappeared forever beneath the ocean, it experienced a sustained golden age. During that golden age, one of its most esteemed rulers was an incarnation of the master we know as Jesus the Christ.

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Magnet of the Heart

Join the Ascended Masters in Assisi!

August 3 – 7, 2014. The latest information and registration page for the SU program, transportation and lodging now online. Plus info on optional tours of Assisi, Sienna, Florence and Rome following SU.

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Reincarnation – Every Choice Matters!

On September 24 on The OPEN DOOR, the online voice of The Summit Lighthouse and the ascended masters, we revisit one of our perennially favorite topics: reincarnation.

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The Secret Power of Sound

Sound is the energy that causes things to come into being, to exist. Mantras and prayers of East and West are the sound and language of the soul. When spoken out loud, they can unlock the dynamic energy of Spirit and bring the greatest change into your life. Tap into this awesome Universal Power Source […]

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2 Great Reasons to Subscribe to the Broadcast

1. Replay Recent Conference and Retreat Events Many of you already enjoy our audio replays of key retreat events, including dictations, lectures by the messengers and live presentations. Here’s something new: a full-day archive that includes all main program sessions for the day—in English—is ready for replay at your convenience. For example, you can now […]

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elemental life decrees

Support Elemental Life with I AM Affirmations, Songs and Decrees

Support the Elementals! With 24/7 Streaming Decrees Elemental life is greatly burdened everywhere by mankind’s abuse of Light and Life. But you can help to lift their burdens by giving decrees in support of the nature spirits and elementals. And now we offer you a great new way to do just that! Introducing 24/7 streaming […]

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Abundant supply affirmations

Abundance Affirmations, Songs and Decrees

Stream of Abundance LIVE! Tune in now to our new Perpetual Abundance Streaming Decrees Simply click on the link below and tap into streaming abundance decrees 24/7! This perpetual audio stream provides a special combination of decrees and songs to help you. Bring forth the abundance and the blessings of the emerald ray into your […]

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