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Violet Flame Mantra & Your Ascension

This is an eternal fiat of the heavenly host: that all who shall have faith enough in God, in the word of a cosmic being, to accept that radiance and that God truth, and shall not fail one single day of their lives from this day forward, morning, noon, and night, to intensely call for the violet transmuting flame ...these shall make their ascension at the close of this embodiment...

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Wesak and Violet Flame for Elementals – Pelleur

I look forward to Wesak, when the Lord of the World ministers to the needs of the evolutions of Terra, including elemental life. I invite you to Shamballa and with the Lord of the World...

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Violet Flame Decree – Forgiveness

We all remember something we don’t think we will ever be able to let go of a cruel remark, a beating, even a disappointment, someone who wasn’t there for us when we needed help. Every wrong you have done to others and every grudge that you hold for the wrongs that have been done to you separates you from God. Forgiveness is the next step on the path to reunion with your I AM Presence. When you forgive, you reestablish your oneness with your Christ Self.

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Violet Flame Meditation by Elizabeth Clare Prophet

Listen to and watch a beautiful violet flame crystal guided meditation by Elizabeth Clare Prophet (5:32 minutes).

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Master Saint Germain and a Violet Flame Vigil to Save the World!

Save the World with Violet Flame! Join over 1700 people in 73 countries making a violet flame difference! Our offering to the ascended masters is a twenty-four-hour-a-day violet flame vigil which began on July 4, going through December 31, 2012.

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Ascended Master Saint Germain’s Violet Flame Gift – A YouTube Video by Elizabeth Clare Prophet

The violet flame is the key to action.Elizabeth Clare Prophet explains that we have a lot of people today who like to talk about things; even politics has become metaphysical. We are seized with our theories. We think we know the way things should be done. But they don't stand the test of practical action. They don't work. The violet flame sees to it that we are charged with what works. What works is what is right as long its purpose is to glorify God in you and Christ in all people. So the violet flame is like that, that whistle that tremendous wind of the Holy Spirit that takes from us everything else but what is necessary to get this world in shape. She demonstrates what a violet flame decree and violet flame mantra are.

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Thérèse of Lisieux – October 1

October 1 is the feast day of Saint Thérèse of Lisieux. Sometimes we like to think of the saints as having been “born saints.” Thérèse’s life shows us that this is not so. She ascended at the conclusion of her brief life. Thérèse is often remembered as being sweet, loving and obedient. Yet this did not come naturally to her. In fact, when Thérèse was a child, Mrs. Martin characterized her daughter as “unconquerably stubborn.” Thérèse learned how to turn her stubbornness into an iron will.

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Join the Violet Flame Revolution! – Ascended Masters Online Radio

Join thousands of others who’ve already made the violet flame part of their everyday lives. These spiritual warriors are working daily to raise the consciousness, vibration and Light for our dear Mother Earth and all of God’s children. Learn how in this episode from the Ascended Masters Online Radio, "Join the Violet Flame Revolution - And Change the World!"

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