Saint Germain: The Wonderman of Europe

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  • Picture of le Comte de Saint Germain
  • Picture of atoms of lead and gold
  • Online video clip:  “The Man Who Would Not Die”


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  • Invite children up to steps of altar.
  • Reader of story sits in a chair with children sitting on floor in front of her.
  • Include children’s story, even if there are no children in your congregation, to welcome families who may come to the service.
  • You can add your own creativity to the stories.  You may feel comfortable using props or presenting them just as they are written.
  • Feel free to adjust the content to fit your time frame.  However, for the spiritual development of the child, we encourage keeping as much of the Ascended Master’s Teachings as possible.

Time:  Approximately 10 -12 minutes

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Good morning!  Today we are celebrating Saint Germain’s ascension day.  Saint Germain is the chohan of the seventh ray of freedom; justice; transmutation through the violet flame; joy and mercy.  Together with his twin flame, the ascended lady master Portia, the Goddess of Justice, he is the hierarch of the Aquarian age.

We know Saint Germain through many of his embodiments, such as Saint Joseph, father of Jesus; Christopher Columbus; the prophet Samuel; and even Merlin of King Arthur’s court.  His last embodiment was that of Francis Bacon, the true author of the Shakespeare’s plays.

But after Saint Germain made his ascension, he appeared as a mystery man.  Who was this person, for which there was no record of his birth or his death?  Our children’s story today will answer these questions and more.


The Wonderman of Europe

            He was called the Wonderman of Europe.  Mystery surrounded him.   He appeared here, he appeared there, he seemed to appear everywhere.  One thing is certain – he was highly visible in the royal courts—AND invisible!

This mysterious man visited kings and queens across Europe.  He spoke at least twelve languages so fluently that everywhere he went he was accepted as a native.  “Bonjour,” he’d say visiting in France, “Hallo,” while in Germany and “Buon giorno,” in Italy.  He also spoke English, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian and Eastern languages.  He even traveled to Japan.  There's no telling where else this Wonderman visited, for he would appear, disappear and reappear unpredictably all over Europe.

Who was this mystery man?  He was le Comte de Saint Germain.  (Show picture of le Comte de Saint Germain.)  And who was the le Comte de Saint Germain?  People living at that time, during the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries asked that question over and over.  In the royal courts, you could hear people saying, “Who is that man?” as they pointed to the Comte.

Others would answer, “Why, I heard he has lived for over a hundred years.”  The ladies wondered if he had discovered the fountain of youth.

The truth is this Comte was none other than our beloved Saint Germain.  After his last embodiment of Francis Bacon, his soul entered the ritual of the ascension on May 1, 1684 from the Rakoczy Mansion, the retreat of the Great Divine Director.  We now celebrate Saint Germain’s ascension day on May 1 of each year.

Although Saint Germain made his ascension, he was not finished with establishing freedom on earth.  He desired above all else to liberate God’s people.  So he requested a dispensation from the Lords of Karma to return to earth to “appear” in a physical body.  And the Karmic Board granted his request.

Le Comte de Saint Germain was a miraculous gentleman who dazzled the leaders of Europe.  It is said the Count wore diamonds on every finger and on his shoe buckles.  If you had attended one of the grand balls at Louis XV’s court, you might have overheard the guests who marveled at the Comte’s presence make the following comments.

“Did you know that the Comte can write with both hands at the same time?  Why, he can write poetry with one hand while simultaneously writing a letter with the other.  And the most amazing thing is that the handwriting of both has mirror-like results!” OR

“Ah, tonight we will be graced to hear the Comte play the violin.  I have heard him perform before, and he plays superbly.  He can play entire symphonies without reading music.”

There is nothing, it seems, this Wonderman of Europe could not do and was admired as a great philosopher, diplomat, scientist, healer, artist and musician.

Once a Countess had traveled with her husband to Venice, Italy.  She met Saint Germain at Madame de Pompadour's home.  For some time she watched the stranger with wonder.  Finally, unable to control her excitement, she approached the Comte and out of curiosity asked, “Will you have the kindness to tell me,” said the Countess, “whether your father was in Venice about the year 1710?”

“No, Madame,” replied the Comte, “it could not have been my father, but I myself was living in Venice at the end of the last and the beginning of this century.  I had the honor to pay you court then.  You were kind enough to admire a few of my songs, which we sang together.”

“Forgive me,” replied the Countess, “but that is impossible.  The Comte de Saint Germain I sang with in those days was around 45 years old, and you, Sir, are at present that age.”

“Madame,” replied the Comte smiling, “I am very old.”

“But then you must be nearly 100 years old!” the Countess exclaimed.

“‘That is not IMpossible,” the Comte replied, with his mysterious smile.

The great French philosopher, Voltaire, described the Comte as, “the man who never dies and who knows everything.”  The local newspapers published articles about him and even Frederick the Great wrote about him in his letters.

The Comte de Saint Germain was known as an alchemist.  An alchemist is one who knows the process of transforming something common into something special.  The Comte was famous for removing flaws from diamonds to make them perfect.  He was able to change base metals into gold.  Alchemists were able to do this by actually changing the atoms of one element to become the atoms of another element.  (Show pictures of atoms and point to them as read next description.)  Saint Germain could change these atoms of lead into these atoms of gold.


lead atoms

atoms gold


      Even today our beloved ascended master Saint Germain teaches us about alchemy.  He tells us that a base metal, one like lead, represents our karma or world karma.  Gold represents the purified state of our soul.  The purpose of alchemy in our lives is to purify our souls in order to become closer to our Mighty I AM Presence.  When we are one with our Mighty I AM Presence and the Universe, we precipitate or bring forth those things that we need in this life.

Saint Germain also has given us another gift to help us with the alchemy of purifying ourselves and the world.  Does anyone know what this gift is?  (Allow children to answer.)  Yes, it’s the violet flame.

Many years ago a television show was filmed about le Comte de Saint Germain.  The show interviewed our own beloved Guru Ma who was considered an expert on Saint Germain.  Let’s watch a short video clip of that show called, “The Man Who Would not Die.”

(Show online video clip.)


So, what was Saint Germain’s reason in coming back to earth?  (Allow children to answer.) He desired to bring forth an age of freedom.  When the leaders of Europe ignored his sponsorship, Saint Germain turned to the United States of America.  He wanted people to have the opportunity to be free and to lift mankind to a greater spiritual awareness.

Saint Germain has told us today, “There is yet so much we can do for America and for the nations…. I flood the earth with Freedom’s flame.  I flood your souls, washing them clean with ascension’s fires.  Whatever it takes, beloved, be willing to do it for your Victory.”

Let’s show Saint Germain our gratitude for all that he has done including bringing forth freedom for us, our country and the planet.  Please stand and we will end by saluting Saint Germain and his twin flame, Portia.  Let’s say, “Hail Saint Germain and Portia, 3x.”  (Stand and face the altar, as you all recite.)

Thank you for sharing in our story.  Have a wonderful day.

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