The Divine Mother, Mother Mary

Sunday Service Children’s Story


  • Online video clip, “The Divine Mother”
  • Pictures of Mother Mary
  • OPTIONAL: a blue jewel to represent jewel like a blue diamond placed in the children’s heart
  • OPTIONAL: a purple cape


  • Prepare any necessary materials.
  • Invite children up to steps of altar.
  • Reader of story sits in a chair with children sitting on floor in front of her.
  • Include children’s story, even if there are no children in your congregation, to welcome families who may come to the service.
  • You can add your own creativity to the stories.  You may feel comfortable using props or presenting them just as they are written.
  • Feel free to adjust the content to fit your time frame.  However, for the spiritual development of the child, we encourage keeping as much of the Ascended Master’s Teachings as possible.

Time: 9 – 12 minutes depending on storyteller delivery and children’s responses.


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Good morning and welcome to our children’s story.  Today we’re celebrating Mother’s Day.  Did you all wish your mothers a Happy Mother’s Day?  What are some of the special things your mother does for you?  (Allow children to answer.)

Do you know that each of us can be a mother?  We can be the Divine Mother.  Do you know which ascended master represents the Divine Mother?  (Allow children to answer.)  Yes, it’s Mother Mary.  And she told us that she represents just a fraction of the Mother flame because all of cosmos is the Divine Mother.  She told us that we can be the Divine Mother too.

Let’s listen to a short excerpt of our beloved Guru Ma telling us about the Divine Mother.  We lovingly call Guru Ma “Mother” also because she embodied the mother flame.  (Play online video clip.)  So we see that we are all to be the mother flame to nourish and care for life.


Beloved Mother Mary

Our story today is about Mother Mary.  (Show a picture of Mother Mary.)  We also have a beautiful statue of Mother Mary here on our altar.  Mother Mary had a special mission from God to come to earth to represent the Divine Mother and to become the mother of Jesus.


Mother Mary loves you very much just as she loved her son, Jesus.  Do you know that Mother Mary is always with you to comfort you and hear your prayers?   I am going to read a part of a dictation from Mother Mary:

“I am not only your Mother but your very personal friend.  I ask you to take my hand, to take me to your home, to accept me as your friend….I will sit at your kitchen table and have a cup of tea with you.  I will receive whatever offering is precious to you and take it to my heart and give it back to you with the full consecration of my love. I will help you in your daily tasks. Ask me for assistance in your problems….

“Won’t you take me to your heart and talk to me?…

“I play with the little children and they are always very happy to have me come, for they know me one and all.  For I have been their sponsor at the hour of birth.  And so the little tiny ones jump with glee as I come.  And they laugh and they laugh when I swing with them.  And when they see me on the seesaw with them, balancing three or five, beloved ones, they poke fun at me in my garments, jumping rope and doing all sorts of games with them.”[1]

Can you see Mother Mary swinging with you?  She is not only here when you pray to her, but comes to visit and play with you!  Perhaps you have felt Mother Mary with you at times when you are playing.

I’d like to read a portion of another dictation from Mother Mary.  This was a special dictation given specifically to the children of Montessori International, a school we used to have here.  She is speaking to all of you too.  Here is what she says…

“I am a Mother of many children, but very few of my children can hear me or even know that I am their Mother.  And so when I come to speak to you, in my heart I am speaking to all of the children in the world….

“God has asked me to tell you this morning that there are many children in the world today who are suffering in their souls because they do not have the contact with the angelic hosts which they knew before they came to this earth.  And inside their little hearts their souls are crying out….They long to be with you and to be with their brothers and sisters with whom they were in the retreats of light before they came to earth….

“You have come because I have called you, and I have called you because there is a great need, because we who serve the children of the world need your calls, your decrees and your prayers.  We cannot act to bless the little children in Russia and in China and in the countries….We cannot act for them unless you give your prayers.

“And so I have come to ask you in the name of my son, Jesus,…. each morning to give your calls for the children, for your brothers and sisters who are everywhere on earth, whom you know so very well…. For you see, when you reach the age of my son, the age of thirty, and prepare for that mission in Christ, you will come to know one another.  You will meet one another. And you will band together as a holy band of angels….

“And so, my children, I have spoken to you….I am also leaving with you a precious jewel that I place in your heart to carry for me.  It is like a blue diamond, like the diamond heart of Mary.  (OPTIONAL:  Show jewel.  Here is what that jewel might look like.)  I am asking you to carry this jewel as a focus of myself, so that wherever you go, you can put your hand to your heart and you can remember that Mother Mary came to speak to you,  that Mother Mary clasped your hand and took your hand to her heart.  And then you will remember that in your very own heart is a focus of her heart, which she placed there….

“Joseph has come to give you his cape.  Our blessed Joseph, your own beloved Saint Germain, understands how much you need this cape to protect you from the world and the energies of the world.  And so he is placing it upon each one of you now and fastening it at the neck.  And it is a purple cape.  (OPTIONAL:  Show purple cape.)

“It hangs to the floor, giving you just room enough to walk.  And do you know there is a very special something about this cape?   As you grow, it will grow with you, and you will never have to lengthen it.  It will just always be the perfect length.  And  you can use this cape even when you run and jump and play and have good times together.  It is a cape to protect your energy, your light, the virgin energies of your hearts and your souls.  It is here to be insulation between you and the world, to help you think, to help you do well in school….

“Precious children, my heart is with you.  I live in your heart.  And whenever you have experiences, I am experiencing them with you in your heart….I bless you forever.”[2]



Isn’t that a wonderful dictation from Mother Mary?  What did Mother Mary say she likes to do with children? (Allow children to answer.) Mother Mary: “I play with children… I swing with them, go on the seesaw and play games with them. Mother Mary lives in our hearts. What is Mother Mary pleading for you to do?  (Allow children to answer.)  Yes, to pray.

Now, you know that you have a precious jewel like a blue diamond in your heart to remind you that Mother Mary is with you and your friend who wants to play with you.  And you have a purple cape from beloved Saint Germain.  And what is that for?  (Allow children to answer.)  Yes, to protect you and help you do well in school.

Let us end by reciting a Hail Mary.  Every time we say this, we are saying Hail Ma Ray or hail Mother Light.  And when we recite it, we receive the radiance and light of beloved Mother Mary that connects us to the Divine Mother in heaven. When we pray the rosary, we are contributing to world peace. Do you want to help Mother Mary this week?

Let’s say the “Hail Mary” or give the Child’s Rosary each day this week for our brothers and sisters and world peace.

Please close your eyes and meditate in your heart as we recite the Hail Mary.

Recite devotionally together:

Hail, Mary, full of grace.

The Lord is with thee.

Blessed art thou among women and

Blessed is the fruit of thy womb, Jesus.

Holy Mary, Mother of God,

pray for us, sons and daughters of God,

now and at the hour of our victory

over sin, disease, and death.

Thank you for being here today and Happy Mother’s Day.

[1] This dictation by Mother Mary,   “Behold the Handmaid of the Lord,”  was given on December 31, 1977 during the seminar “God is Mother.”

[2] This dictation by Mother Mary was given to the students of Montessori International on November 3, 1976.

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