Aimee Semple McPherson: Magda’s The Cinderella Story

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 Time: Approximately 10 – 11 minutes depending on storyteller delivery and children’s responses.

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Good morning and welcome to our children’s story.  Today we’re going to hear about Aimee Semple McPherson. She is now the ascended lady master Magda and the twin flame of our beloved Jesus Christ.

Magda’s last embodiment was that of Aimee Semple McPherson. Her life was devoted to Jesus and she was his instrument on earth for healing and bringing thousands of people to his heart. Look at this photo of her. (Show picture.)


What do you think Jesus’ twin flame might be like? (Allow children to answer.) Yes, someone who loved Jesus very much. Aimee had a powerful voice filled with her love for Jesus and it became one of the most recognized voices at the time she was living.

At one point in Aimee’s life, she started hearing God speak to her. It was that still small voice in her heart saying, “Preach the Word! Will you go preach my Word?” This is not what Aimee wanted to hear. She wasn’t feeling well at that time, so she kept trying to “push down” the Christ Self that was stirring in her heart.

“I know I am not being obedient to the call to preach the gospel, but I am a mother and very busy. I’m just trying to live a normal life,” she would say to herself. (Show picture.)

But ignoring God’s command only made her physical health get worse. Eventually she lay close to death. The doctor called Aimee’s mother to the hospital, “Mrs. Kennedy, you must come right now to say your last goodbye to your daughter. As Aimee lay there, God asked her one last time, “Now will you go preach my Word?”

With what she believed to be her last breath, she said with a weak voice but a mighty will, “yes” to the Lord’s call. What do you think happened then? (Allow children to answer.) Yes, she was almost immediately healed and to her amazement and all those around her, she found herself back on her feet within two weeks.

“I will never again question the call of the Lord to preach the gospel,” she said, and she kept that promise all the rest of her life.

As Aimee preached, crowds who came to listen to her message about Jesus, grew to hundreds and even thousands of people. As a result, she decided to purchase a tent to hold her meetings in and took it all over America preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Later, she moved to Los Angeles and established her Four Square Gospel Tabernacle where she preached to thousands each week.

In April 1922, Aimee became the first woman to preach a sermon over the radio.

Aimee was very dramatic in giving her sermons. (Show picture.) She often used animals, drama and music to convey the gospel. She often sang during her sermons and liked to tell them as a story.

Are you ready to listen to part of the story of Cinderella performed as a play by Montessori International which includes an actual sermon given by Aimee as the audio? In this play, the children act out the story as Aimee preaches about it. You will learn about the true meaning of this popular fairytale.

The audio of the sermon is quite old, so often the tape sounds a little scratchy. However, you will hear the power of Aimee’s voice and feel her deep love for Jesus. As you listen, remember that you are listening to the voice of Jesus’ twin flame who ascended after this lifetime and reunited with her beloved twin flame.

(Play video.)



Aimee gave her entire life to bringing people closer to Jesus, who is our true Prince. Her motto was, “Everybody and anybody is somebody to Jesus.” We can call to Magda and she will help us have more faith, courage and perseverance to speak the Word of the Lord.

Thank you for participating in our children’s story. Have a wonderful day.


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