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Good morning.  Welcome to you and all the families and children on the broadcast. This morning our story is about the Sacred Heart of Jesus. Here is a picture of Jesus’ sacred heart. (Show picture.)

Our beloved Guru Ma told us that it is important to have a picture of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, or of Mother Mary or Saint Germain where we can easily see it. (Show pictures on slides of sacred heart of Mother Mary and Saint Germain.) When we see their pictures, we can more easily go into our hearts and keep out any burdens we might have.


            Let’s listen to our story now about Saint Margaret Mary and the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

Saint Margaret Mary and the Sacred Heart of Jesus

            Margaret Alacoque was born in France. She was a happy little girl, however when she was eleven, she became very sick and spent most of her time in bed. Yet, she never lost her love for and devotion to Jesus and Mother Mary.

One day as she awoke from a nap, she heard a tap at the door. Her mother, Madame Alacoque, entered with a tired and worn face. Margaret’s father passed away a few years before and now her aunts ran the farm. They often treated Margaret and her mother unkindly.

“Mother, you look tired. Please take some time to rest.”

“I have been working since early this morning. But, Child, I shouldn’t be worrying you like this. Dear, you have enough troubles of your own. Perhaps if we prayed very hard to Our Lady for a cure …”

“But we have prayed, Mama! Again and again.”

“I know but we’ve never promised anything in return.”

Very gently Madame Alacoque took Margaret’s thin hand in hers. “Let’s promise her something very special, child. And then let us pray as we’ve never prayed before.”

Margaret hesitated. “All right, Mama. But what shall we promise?”

Tears welled up in Madame Alacoque’s eyes. “Child, I love you so much and I would be so sad to have you leave home. But if Our Lady wants you for her own, we mustn’t hold back. We must do what she wants, no matter what it costs.”

“What do you mean?” asked Margaret.

“I mean that the Blessed Mother may cure you, dear, if you promise to be one of her daughters in some convent.”

A flush of excitement flowed into Margaret’s pale cheeks, for she had always desired to be a nun and devote her life to Jesus.

“Oh, Mama, let’s do it!” she cried. “Let’s make the promise, and right away!”

The two prayed with deep devotion asking for God’s will in the healing of Margaret.

Over the next few years, Margaret’s health improved as well as the living conditions in their home. She was now nineteen and ready to enter the convent. She approached her mother with her request, “Mother, it is time that I consider keeping my promise to the Blessed Mother.”

However, her mother’s response surprised her. “Oh, that! Child. You were just thirteen and far too young to know what you were doing. Besides, I never should have suggested such a thing without first discussing matters with Father Anthony. It was very rash and irresponsible of me.”

Margaret’s heart sank, for she had taken the vow very seriously.

“Mama, please don’t be angry, but I really want to go to the convent.”

“Now Margaret…” her mother began. However, Margaret politely interrupted.

“I’m grown-up, Mama. And I’ve known for a long time that I could never be happy living in the world.”

“I know my dear, but you’re still young to make such a commitment without direction from the priest. And, your brother Chrysostom and I believe that you should consider marriage.” And so the conversation ended.

A few years later Margaret was temporarily distracted from her desire to join the convent. The Bishop was coming to their town to administer the Sacrament of Confirmation. Father Anthony advised his congregation, “All those who have not received this great gift of God should start to prepare for it at once.”

Now at age twenty-two-year-old Margaret excitedly prepared for the approaching day by giving many extra prayers and sacrifices. She decided that she would take the name of Mary at Confirmation. She begged the Holy Spirit to be especially generous with the Gift of Fortitude. Surely strength was what she needed to continue living in the world. “Dearest Mother in Heaven, when I add your name to mine, please tell me what you want of me,” she implored silently. “Then give me the strength to do it.”

For a year after her confirmation Margaret Mary continued to live at home with her mother and brother who were still determined that she should marry. But then something happened that changed her life.

A Franciscan friar arrived at the local mission and he visited homes in the town. After meeting with the Alacoque family, he requested to talk with Margaret Mary’s brother. Chrysostom was pleased for he thought the friar would offer his gratitude for the warm welcome his family had extended the friar.

However, once the two were alone, Chrysostom’s heart sank. The face of the priest had become very solemn.

“Selfishness is always wrong,” he began.

“I do not understand, Father. We serve the poor and Margaret even teaches many of them in the village how to read.”

“Then how do you explain not allowing your sister to enter the convent? She desires a religious life, yet you and your mother keep her here because you fear that you will miss her too much. This is selfishness.”

Chrysostom was moved by these words. He and the priest went to speak to Madame Alacoque. After much weeping and talking, she too agreed that she had been selfish. Margaret Mary would now be able to achieve her dream of devoting her life to Jesus.

It was during her years in the convent that Jesus himself appeared to Margaret Mary and showed her his Sacred Heart. (Show picture.) He revealed that the flames around the heart represented Jesus’ burning love for all people. The crown of thorns represented the sacrifices he was willing to make for all of us.

Jesus shared with Margaret Mary that in his Sacred Heart are the blessings of grace, peace, mercy, faith and love. Many blessings and graces shall be bestowed upon those who honor the Sacred Heart and lovingly display it.

Jesus told her how much he loves each one of us and he wanted her to spread devotion to his Sacred Heart.

All was not easy for Margaret Mary in the convent. Many did not believe that she had these visions of Jesus. Some were upset with her for trying to spread the new devotion. Yet she did her best to carry out the Lord’s wish. Jesus blessed her hard work and sacrifices. Today, this wonderful devotion to the Sacred Heart is practiced all over the world and Margaret Mary is recognized as a saint in the Catholic church.



Beloved Jesus made twelve promises to those who are devoted to his most Sacred Heart. The ninth promise was: “I will bless the homes where an image of my heart shall be exposed and honored.”


            Jesus wants us to be one with his Sacred Heart and to pray to him as a friend and teacher.  The flow of devotion from our heart to Jesus opens the door to Jesus’ return devotion, as he is devoted to our Christ Self.  As Jesus returns his devotion to you, he is also returning to you your own energy, which has now passed through his Sacred Heart.

Let’s say together 3x, “Beloved Jesus, place your Sacred Heart over mine.”  (Show picture on screen.) Close your eyes, and visualize Jesus or look at the picture on the screen as you say this with great devotion from your heart to his.

Thank you for sharing in our story.  Have a wonderful day.




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