Traveling through Glastonbury of Old

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Today our story is about Glastonbury Abbey. Does anyone know what an abbey is? (Pause.) That is where a group of monks live and devote their lives to God, giving prayers everyday. We know that Jesus went to Glastonbury when he was a boy. This was the Holy Site in England, where Jesus first erected a wattle church and Mother Mary brought the Chalice from Jesus Last Supper.

Do you know what a wattle church is? It is one like a small house made of mud and wattle. The walls of the church were made from a woven lattice of wooden strips called wattle, which is daubed with a sticky material usually made of wet soil, clay, sand and straw.

Our church used to have a school called Montessori International. Many years ago the high school students, their teachers and our beloved Guru Ma travelled there to experience the rich and interesting history of this site.

So, let us have our story now about Glastonbury of Old.


Traveling through Glastonbury of Old

            The children, all excited, gathered together, packed and ready for their adventure. They were going on a pilgrimage to Glastonbury,

Their church minister, Reverend Miriam and sponsor Miss Julia, along with many parents and children, had prepared for the trip for months and at last they were ready. The two leaders, children and a few parents were set to take off from Bozeman, MT, and fly to London.

Excitedly, the children found their seats on the plane. They stretched to look out the small window during take off. They read, played games, slept, ate, squirmed and finally twelve and a half hours later they arrived at their destination.

It was morning, and now, the fun could really begin. After picking up their rental vehicle, they drove 2.5 hours south to the town of Glastonbury.

This trip would take them to Glastonbury Abbey, Chalice Well Gardens and Glastonbury Tor. None of them knew what to expect. It was their first visit. As they drove through the green countryside approaching the town, they saw the hill in the distance. “What is that?” asked Rosie.

“That is Glastonbury Tor, the hill with St. Michael’s tower sitting proudly on top. That Tower was once a part of St Michael’s church many centuries ago.” replied Miss Julia. The sight was so breathtaking with Tower sitting majestically on top, that they stopped the van to get out and take it all in. Of course, everyone had their cell phones and immediately began to take photos.

            Moving on into the town and driving past the ancient Abbey in the middle of town, they found their lodging. The children were all eager to climb the Tor. “Can we do that first?” they asked?

“That’s a good idea. The weather is really nice today,” said Rev. Miriam. “We have been sitting a long time and it would be a great idea to have lunch and then spend the afternoon climbing and hiking.” It was agreed – they would climb the Tor first.

Driving to a car park nearest to the hill, they then had a 30-minute walk to the bottom of the Tor before climbing up the steep pathway.

From the top, they could see in all directions. “Wow,” said Susie, “I can see forever!”

After exploring the tower and enjoying the magnificent view, they climbed down and then hiked around the hill before going back into town.

After dinner they decided to go to bed early. It had been a very long day. They gave their protection decrees, said their prayers and then made a special call to Archangel Michael’s angels to take them to the retreats during sleep. They were really looking forward to visiting the Abbey and taking a tour around the very large grounds and wanted to be well rested.

The next morning, they set out for the Abbey, in the center of the town. The Visitor Center welcomed them at the entrance to the grounds. Inside was a model of the great Cathedral and Monastery, so they could see what it must have looked like centuries ago.

Their guide, smiling, came over to them to begin their tour. She was dressed in a costume just like people wore in Glastonbury of old. “Where are you from?” she asked.

“We are from Glastonbury, in Montana, where we have our Church,” replied Rev. Miriam.

“Oh, you have come a long way on your pilgrimage,” said the guide. “Let’s start our tour around the Abbey grounds. And, please feel free to ask me any questions. We will start with the Lady Chapel. This chapel stands over the same spot where Jesus built his wattle church, when he came here as a boy. And that is why it is the holiest part of the Abbey. This chapel has always been dedicated to Mother Mary.”

Rev. Miriam added, “In a dictation, Mother Mary has told us that this Abbey was a focus of light of the Divine Mother, long ago and that we have a focus of light in our own hearts, our threefold flame. She said, ‘At a certain point centuries ago, the King closed the abbey, and people took away the stonework. And that is why we have ruins today.’”

The guide listened intently and then continued, “Let us now walk to the other end of the cathedral and I will tell you more about it. We do know that there was a great library here, and records show it was the largest library in all of England.”

The group explored the Cathedral and then it was time to move on. The guide said, “Last of all we are going to see, St Patrick’s Chapel which is a separate little building, over near the visitors center.”

“Was St Patrick here, a long time ago?” Robert asked.

“Well,” said the guide, “the traditions of the local people say he visited here, but because the records were lost, we do not know for sure. Yet, we can feel his flame here. So, let’s go inside the chapel dedicated to St Patrick.”

With that, their tour was finished. Two days later, they returned to their Glastonbury, their own community back in Montana, to continue the mission of the Divine Mother in the new Age of Aquarius.

       Now, Guru Ma has told us about the cathedral of light in the secret chamber of our own hearts, and she says: “So you can say to Mother Mary when you pray to her each day, “Mother Mary, come into the cathedral of my heart.” You can continue the mission of the Divine Mother just as the children in the story did.



















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