The Christmas Star – The Mystical Story of the Three Wise Men (includes downloadable story in Spanish)

From our hearts to yours!  Please enjoy this ascended master Christmas story, complete with fun activities for your family to do together during this holy season.


Part 1 (PDF): Story:  ( )

Part 2,  (PDF) Conclusion (  )

Parts 1 and 2  (PDF) Story in Spanish

“Let them prepare the tree–each painted ball the star of a Causal Body of a favorite ascended master or one revered among the hosts of the Lord. Let them print or write the names of their precious friends and tie them to the top of the ball and then place the ball reverently, in full awareness that “lo, I AM here and lo, I AM there!”

 “For wherever the name of an archangel, an Elohim, an ascended being is written or spoken, there is the focus of that Electronic Presence…”    Archangel Uriel,    Pearls of Wisdom, vol. 17  no. 49  –  December 8, 1974

To help you decorate your Christmas tree, here is a list of the names of the ascended masters (PDF): List here ( )



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