An Easter Story – The Loveliest Rose

Easter Sunday Service Children’s Story

 Time: Ten minutes depending on storyteller delivery and children’s responses.

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             Happy Easter! Today is a joyous day because we celebrate the resurrection of Jesus the Christ.

Resurrect means restore to life. We celebrate Easter at the beginning of spring when flowers and trees are just beginning to bloom.        The resurrection flame is the acceleration of the threefold flame. You can see how accelerated Jesus’ threefold flame is in this picture.

Our beloved Guru Ma said, “The resurrection flame is a glorious singing flame–it sings with the violet flame… It’s the combination of all of the rays of your causal body….” (May 31, 1981, The Beloved Messenger, Feast of the Resurrection Flame).

            Did you know that when you are hunting for colored Easter eggs, you are participating in the ritual of the resurrection? (Pause.) You are searching for the secret rays, and for the rainbow rays of your causal body by finding the different colored Easter eggs.

Today we’re going to hear a story of a queen and how the resurrection story impacted her.

The theme in this story is adapted from the tale The Loveliest Rose in the World written by Hans Christian Andersen. One note about Hans Christian Anderson – Mark Prophet told us that he was aware of elementals.

Let’s hear our story now.

The Loveliest Rose

by Hans Christian Andersen (Adapted)

            Once, there reigned a queen who had the most glorious garden in all the world. Every spring delightful daffodils bobbed their heads as if saying, “Good morning, world.” Iridescent irises waved to all who passed by and tulips stood tall and proud.

But as much as the queen admired these wonders of nature, she loved her precious roses the most. She had many kinds from the wild dog rose to the most splendid, golden-pink beauties.

Yet, even with all the beauty in the outside gardens, sorrow dwelt in those great, majestic halls. The queen lay upon her bed with an illness the doctors feared could not be cured.

The queen’s royal chaplain said, “Perhaps, there is a way to heal her. Bring her the loveliest rose in the world, one that is the symbol of the purest and brightest love. Surely when her eyes fall upon such loveliness, she will be well again.”

The young and old came with roses fit for a queen. But, alas, the queen remained still.

Poets from around the countryside came and sang of the roses about the love of maid and youth, and that of dying heroes. The queen still did not move.

At last the chaplain spoke. “These are all beautiful, but they do not spring from the place where true love blooms.”

“I know where it blooms,” said one. “It blooms in the glory of a sunrise and the magnificence of a sunset.”

“Ah, I have seen it,” said another. “A young maiden looked upon the Lord’s magnificent cathedral with all the love and purity of her spirit.”

“May she be blessed,” said the wise chaplain, “but still, the queen does not move.” Just then he was interrupted when the queen’s young son came running into the room.

“Mother,” cried the boy, “Listen to what I have just read.” And the child sat by the bedside and began reading.

“On Good Friday, after Jesus’ crucifixion, his family and others lovingly took him down from the cross. They gently wrapped his body in linen and applied myrrh and aloe. Then they laid the body in a tomb that was a man-made cave, and it was sealed with a large stone.

“Jesus lay in the tomb for three days. His soul had reached the attainment of the Christ, so that even during that time, he was serving God. His soul went to the astral, to the place called purgatory, to preach, encouraging the souls to obey the Law of God.

            “On the third day, Mary Magdalene and the other women returned to the tomb to anoint Jesus’ body. They wondered how they were going to move that great stone. To their surprise, they discovered that the stone had been rolled away.

            “There, in the dim light of dawn, they saw an angel. The angel said, ‘Fear not, for I know that ye seek Jesus. He is not here, for He has risen. Come see the place where the Lord lay.” And the angel stretched out a long arm, inviting them to enter the tomb.” At this point, the queen began to stir.

            The young boy continued reading: “They slowly entered the cave and found it empty. Mary Magdalene cried out, ‘They’ve taken him away!’

“And it came to pass, as they were much perplexed when behold, two men stood by them in shining garments.

“’No one has taken him. Jesus is alive! He has risen!’” they said. ‘Now hurry and tell his disciples. He will meet them in Galilee.’

            “The women ran away from the tomb in different directions to tell his disciples.

“But Mary Magdalene lingered. She turned around and saw a person who she thought was the gardener.

          “She asked, ‘Do you know where Jesus’ body has been taken?’

“Jesus said, ‘Mary, it is I.’

“Mary immediately recognized Jesus and knelt saying, ‘Rabboni,’ meaning Master! Mary was full of joy and love for Jesus.

“Jesus asked Mary to tell his disciples that she had seen him. Mary ran to tell them. At first not everyone believed her. But as Jesus started appearing to them, they eventually came to believe that he truly resurrected.

“Many days later, Jesus spoke to all of the disciples. He ended with these words, ‘Lo, I am with you alway, even unto the end of the world.’”

The young child stopped reading and closed his book. As he looked upon his mother, a rosy glow spread over the cheeks of the queen, and her eyes open.

            She saw from that story the loveliest rose that sprang from the heart of Jesus Christ. “I see it!” she said, “he who beholds this, the loveliest rose on earth – the Christ – and becomes the Christ shall live.”


Jesus set the example for us. Do you know that Jesus taught that we also can resurrect each day – imagine that – we can resurrect somewhat each day – as we live for the glory of God which means we resurrect each day as we honor and worship God. We also have to lovingly balance our karma.

            Let us take a moment to go within our hearts. We will recite 3x, “I AM the Resurrection and the Life.” You can visualize your threefold expanding like Jesus’ did. (Pause for a few seconds of silence and then recite together, “I AM the Resurrection and the Life,” 3x Gently invite them to open their eyes).

Have a wonderful day and Happy Easter.







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