My Guardian Angel (includes downloadable story in Spanish)

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OPTIONAL: Copy of book I AM Your Guard – How Archangel Michael Can Protect You

 Time: 9 – 10 minutes depending on storyteller delivery and children’s responses.

 Click here for a printable version of the story.

Click here for a printable Spanish version of the story.

Good morning and welcome. This morning our story is about our guardian angel. God created angels to help us. Did you know that we can easily talk with our angels? (Pause.) We can walk with them and even feel absolutely comfortable giving them assignments and asking for their help. Working with angels is a joyous opportunity that awaits us all.

Do you know that God blessed each of us with an angel? You each have your very own guardian angel who already knows you. This angel knows you better than anyone else in the universe. How do you meet and get to know this special angel? (Allow children to respond.)

It’s as simple as turning to a person standing beside you and saying, “Hi, I’d like to get to know you.” Why don’t we do that now? Let’s all turn to someone next to us and say, “Hi, I’d like to get to know you.” (All do that now.) That was easy wasn’t it?


From the moment you begin talking with your guardian angel, the angel responds and a spiritual bond or connection is forming. To really get to know your angel, spend time and talk with the angel, just like you would do with a new friend. You can do this at any time of the day – maybe when you are playing or when you are doing a chore or when you are saying your prayers. The more you connect with your guardian angel, the closer you will feel to the angel.

Working with your guardian angel on behalf of all life can bring tremendous hope and comfort to yourself, your family, your friends and all the people of the world. When you pray to your guardian angel, you can include protection for others as well as for yourself.

You know that each of us has a Holy Christ Self also called the Real Self or the Higher Consciousness. And did you know that you can think of your Holy Christ Self as your chief guardian angel, your inner guru, the voice of conscience—and always as your dearest friend? (Pause.)

Today we’re going to hear two short stories. The first one is from a young girl who attended our church. This story is about how her guardian angel came to her aid just in time. You can find this story in this book I AM Your Guard – How Archangel Michael Can Protect You. (Show book.)


My Guardian Angel Helped Me

A True Story

             It was a sunny day in springtime and I was riding my bike on a hill.  I was only four years old and I could not get up the hill.  I didn’t realize it at first, but I started rolling backwards. Soon I was rolling faster and faster, and I was scared.

Suddenly I remembered what my mother had taught me about the angels and I shouted, “Archangel Michael, help me!”  And soon I felt my bike stop.  I looked behind me but I did not see anything at first. And then I saw that it was my guardian angel who had stopped me.

My guardian angel was very tall and she had curly hair.  She had a pink, yellow and blue shirt and her skirt was white.  Her huge wings were also white and she had a very bright yellow halo.

I am glad that my guardian angel was there to help me!

Have you ever felt the protection or help of an angel? (Allow children to answer.)

Here is another story written by a young high school student.



My Guardian Angel Saved Me

Based on a True Story

             My story took place in 1971 in my home country, the Philippines. It was Sunday morning and I was all dressed up formally to go to Mass. I walked to church, which was just across the street from my house.           When I opened the door I saw that our front lawn was full of fallen black plum fruits. This is a fruit tree native to our country.

Looking up, I saw hundreds of birds feasting on our delicious plums. I decided right away that I did not want to share the fruits with the birds, for they would eat them all.

Totally forgetting where I was supposed to be going, I removed my shirt, my socks and shoes and climbed our tree. The best fruits were on top and that’s where I went. I was so high that I could see the top of the roof of our two-story house. Then I saw just in front of me a bunch of plums that looked so delicious. I tried to reach out for it when all of a sudden I heard a loud crack. I knew the branch I was standing on had broken.

In an instant I was falling down and the only words I could utter were, “Help me!” I was very sure I would be hurt because directly below me was our bamboo fence. It felt like I was tumbling in a slow motion. Midway, I distinctly felt a cold blow of air on my left cheek that seemed to be pushing me far away.

And just at that moment, instead of falling on the fence, I fell into a soft canal ditch several feet away from it. I was so surprised because I felt NO PAIN. I stood up and walked away, unscathed and with no broken bones. With my mouth open in amazement, I stared at the branch on which I had been standing. It was hanging on the edge of our bamboo fence!

The first thing that came to my mind and what I still believe to be true is that I was saved by my guardian angel. I also learned a lesson that day. Sunday is the Lord’s Day and I am to keep it holy. I would not miss Mass again for something so trivial as birds eating our plums.[i]




           The children you heard about in these two stories met their guardian angel, didn’t they? They might not have said, “Hi, I’d like to meet you”, but they called for help.

Archangel Michael is the guardian of the Lord who has served mankind for tens of thousands of years, and your own guardian angel works with him. So, you can pray to both of them. Here is a prayer you can say. The words are up on the screen and we can say them together. (Recite together.)


In the name of my Higher Self, I call to the heart of the Father-Mother God and I call to Archangel Michael and my guardian angel to protect and keep me. And I ask you, beloved ones, to guard not only me but also all souls of light in the world.

You can find this prayer in the same book as the first story you heard – I AM Your Guard – How Archangel Michael Can Protect You. You can say this prayer each day. Will you do that?

Thank you for sharing in our story. Have a wonderful day.





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