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Presence of God in Your Home

HOW TO SPIRITUALIZE YOUR HOME This section will offer suggestions for spiritualizing your home and family life especially for families with children from birth to age twelve. Welcome the Presence of God into your home See your child as a child of God Give your children opportunities to express their innate spiritual nature. Try these […]

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About Us & Home-Centered Spiritual Culture. We are a community of spiritual seekers dedicated to the path of higher consciousness and the affirming of each one’s personal Christhood.  The purpose of our website is to embrace families by providing spiritual resources through the teachings of the ascended masters and empowering parents to nurture the inner life of […]

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3-6 Alchemy Lesson 4 page 2

  Spiritual Lessons – Book Study Group – Children’s Lessons For Children Ages 3 to 6 – Alchemy of the Heart Lesson 4, Heart Power OVERVIEW OF THE LESSON: Love is the strongest force in the universe. A few people with great love can change the world. When we feel gratitude, love multiplies. You can […]

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3-6 Alchemy Lesson 1 page 2

  Spiritual Lessons – Book Study Group – Children’s Lessons For Children Ages 3 to 6 – Alchemy of the Heart Lesson 1, Learning about Love OVERVIEW OF THE LESSON: The most important thing in life is love. God is love. What does love look like in your life? How can you learn to be […]

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Spiritual Life of the Unborn 4: Spiritualizing Sexual Union and Conception

You can love God in man or in woman and still experience physical attraction. When you come right down to it, the understanding that you are loving God in your spouse does not deprive you of anything. It simply means that all of your energies, including sexual energies, are spiritualized and that you experience love at the level of the divine union.

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Four Difference Makers

How to Spiritualize Your Family Life: The Four Difference Makers Most parents truly love their children and have their best interests at heart. Many families turn to organized religion and choose churches they hope will provide spiritual support. Yet research points out a shocking fact. In terms of involvement in risky behaviors such as smoking, […]

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Do you ever wonder how karma may be effecting your family? Learn about your child’s soul, the spiritual life of your unborn baby and how karma impacts your family’s relationships. Discover suggestions on how to spiritualize your marriage and home. Nurture joy between parent and child with special family rituals, delightful spiritual lessons, and the creative arts […]

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