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Spiritual Life of the Unborn 9* : Meditations on Gems and Sacred Art

How can meditation build healthy babies? Gemstones have a molecular structure that allows them to carry a certain charge and energy vibration that corresponds to particular qualities of God.  For example, rose quartz holds the vibration of love, and emeralds hold the vibration of healing. Amethyst is the transmitter of freedom and joy. Through meditation upon […]

Spiritual Life of the Unborn* 11 : Cultivating the Soul Senses with Right Brain Activities

Classical, beautiful music and art meditations build the intricate patterns of the baby’s soul, and stimulate the development of the soul’s spiritual senses. What are these spiritual senses of the soul and how can these be cultivated? There are five senses of the soul that corresponds with to the five physical senses. You can discover […]

Spiritual Life of the Unborn* 10: Sacred Music to Transform Your Baby

How does music effect the body, mind, emotions and soul of my unborn child—and how do I find the best music? From ancient China to Egypt, from India to the golden age of Greece, we find the same belief: music has the power to contribute to the sublime evolution or the utter degradation of the […]

Spiritual Life of the Unborn* 8: Meditations to Nurture the Soul

Why are meditations important for the baby’s soul? You can transmit to your unborn baby particular talents and virtues through the science of meditation.  This is a science parents can master. Inspiring meditations convey beauty to your baby. Beauty helps form the intricate patterns of the soul. Beauty reflects GOD–the Geometry of Divinity. Beauty is found in […]

Spiritual Life of the Unborn* 7: How to Change Your Baby’s Genes

Science points to genetics as a key factor in healthy fetal development.   Can mother and father help change the baby’s genes and chromosomes–and how do we do this? Yes,  genetics has a strong influence on the development of the fetus.   Yet, research also shows that other influences also impact the health of our bodies and our offspring.  Take, for […]

Spiritual Life of the Unborn* 6: Parenting Tips for Prenatal Healing

What are practical parenting tips to help our baby heal and fulfill her highest potential? Prenatal psychology and healing are important topics today with new books like Brain Rules for Baby by Dr. John Medina. Prenatal healing starts with understanding your baby’s soul and her four lower bodies. The four lower bodies are: the etheric body […]

Spiritual Life of the Unborn* 5: Parenting Tips to Increase Your Baby’s Potential

How can parents help their baby reach her highest potential? Understanding how to reach the baby’s highest potential starts with learning about the soul and karma.  The baby in the womb is a soul.  The soul carries records of karma from lifetime to lifetime, including both positive and negative patterns of thinking and feeling.  These patterns create a certain human psychology which can interfere […]

Spiritual Life of the Unborn 4: Spiritualizing Sexual Union and Conception

You can love God in man or in woman and still experience physical attraction. When you come right down to it, the understanding that you are loving God in your spouse does not deprive you of anything. It simply means that all of your energies, including sexual energies, are spiritualized and that you experience love at the level of the divine union.

Spiritual Life of the Unborn 3: The Soul’s Work in Pregnancy

The baby in the womb is a mature soul having complex thoughts and deep feelings. Only the body is undeveloped. The baby’s body, the greatest miracle of God’s gift of love to man and woman, is a new house that the soul will enter and integrate with during the period from conception to birth.

Spiritual Life of the Unborn 2: Reincarnation and Families

How does a soul come to a family? Do mothers and fathers always have karma with their children and how can the karma be balanced?
How does reincarnation and karma work with adopted children? What is the karma with their biological and adoptive parents?

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