Fundraising Opportunities for TSL Teens Washington, D.C. Trip


Looking for ways to raise money for DC? Love creating art? If so, read on!

Visualizations are an important part of our decree work, as what we visualize is what we manifest! Sometimes it's helpful to have a beautiful visualization in front of you when decreeing to help paint the picture of what is happening when you give that decree. We often use wonderful visualizations in the Court when decreeing. Here is your chance to create your own!

How to Enter

Create a visualization to go along with a decree of your choice. Visualizations can be made using ANY artistic medium including (but not limited to) drawing, painting, photography, sculpture, collages, digital art, mixed media, etc. Winners will be selected on the basis of originality, creativity and how well the visualization matches the message of the decree.

The contest opens on May 12th and will close on June 15th. Winners will be notified by phone or email by June 20h. All those who are planning on attending the TSL Teens United Washington, D.C. Trip are welcome to enter the contest.

Submissions can be emailed or mailed to the following address (scanned paintings or drawings can be accepted via email). When submitting your visualization, please also include your name, contact information, and the number and title of the decree you are using.


The Summit Lighthouse
Attn: Sarah Rowe
63 Summit Way
Gardiner, MT 59030



First Place Prize:  $200 toward trip
Second Place Prize:  $150 toward trip

*Both first and second place winners' artwork will be used during decree session on the Washington, D.C. Trip!


*   Visualizations must pertain to a decree found in the Decree Book.
*   Submitted artwork must be your original creation! (However, use of ascended master or other church images within your visualization is permitted.)
*   Only ONE entry per person is allowed.


There are many ways that you can begin to fundraising for this trip! Below is a list of projects that have recently been successful for our youth communities.  If you would like more information or assistance in getting a project started in your area, please contact Candice Vann at

Remember, even if you are not part of a larger youth community or Teaching Center,
you can still raise money for your trip!

Here are a few ways to get started:


1.     Send in your old electronics to help raise money for trip participants! Visit

2.     Offer to do yard work, house cleaning, garage cleaning etc. for a designated amount.

3.     Prepare and serve a meal at the TC/SG.

4.     Hold a car wash and advertise on corners to attract the public.

5.     Conduct a letter writing campaign to family, friends and members. Add a self-addressed
envelope with stamp. Contact for letter ideas.

6.     Contact local grocery stores and see if they will let you bag for tips from customers.

7.     Hold a garage sale and contact members and friends a few months before the date to save items.
Advertise in paper and put signs up at intersections.

8.     Ask members who are musicians to hold a benefit concert to support you and your friends.

9.     Plan an intergenerational waltz, carnival or fun event as a fundraiser.

10.    Plan a patriotic event with inspirational speakers and patriotic quotes presented by the teens.

11.     Sell handmade items that either the teens make or members donate.



1.     START NOW! Begin planning an event or opportunity to earn funds each month or even every few weeks.

2.     Involve the teens. Teens have wonderful ideas and should be part of the planning along with parents and
community members.

3.     Make a treasure map with the teens with specific goals. Refer to the book, Secrets of Prosperity, for instructions.

4.     THING BIG! Calculate the amount of money that is needed for each teen and hold that vision. Put a
thermometer up at the TC/SG to keep members aware of amount of donations.

5.     Make each event interactive, fun and a learning experience for the teens.

6.     Emphasize that each teen should put effort into the fundraising. “God helps those who help themselves” –
Benjamin Franklin.

7.     Keep the trip and your fundraising efforts in your daily calls and encourage your community and friends to
do the same!!

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