Currently, we have one game for kids to play.

It's called FLASH'N FIND. (Go to Level I)

This interactive game is designed to stimulate your child's right brain, the creative, holistic, image side of the brain. The left brain is the more logical, linear, language oriented side of the brain. We need to learn to use both. Our educational system relies most heavily on the logical left brain, while this game helps your child develop his creative side.

This game contains beautiful images of saints of East and West and your sacred energy centers that your child will see for just moments and then have to match against the images on the game board. The higher the level, the more images your child has to remember at each step. Not only is it fun, but it is also great practice for keeping the right brain on its toes!

Before you play the game:

  • You will need to have the free Macromedia free player installed on your computer. Once you click on the “GO TO GAME” link below, if you don't see the loading icon, you will need to installed Shockwave. You can download it HERE. It's free.
  • We recommend a high speed internet connection.
  • Please wait for the game to completely load or it will not play correctly–a browser refresh will be necessary.


  1. Flash'n Find level 1 is the easiest level. Level 7 is the hardest. Level 1 flashes one picture, level 2 flashes 2, etc.
  2. Each time you click the green “Start” button, large random pictures will quickly flash then 28 small pictures will appear for you to find and click on the images you saw flashed.
  3. If you want to flash the same pictures again, click on the “Again” button.
  4. When you find all the pictures, you can click on the green “Start” button to play another set of random pictures.

Tip: During picture flashing, you can go right to the 28 “finding” game pictures by clicking anywhere in the game.


Flash'n Find was created by Mercury Learning Systems LLC using accelerated learning techniques inspiried by developmental and learning experts from around the world. Click here to go to Mercury Learning's web site for more unique and exciting learning games for you and your children. We hope you Enjoy it!

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