For Children Ages 3 to 6 and 6 to 10 – Your Seven Energy Centers

Lesson 1, Introduction to Your Divine Self — You



Parent/Teacher Preparation:
This lesson is taken from the first chapter “Integrating Body, Mind and Spirit,” and the second to last chapter: “Sealing Your Chakras.”


  • Review the chapters before you begin.
  • Review the lesson, including the activities. Please note that the text of what you can say to your child is in italics.


Gather the following materials you will need.


  • CD and music (optional)
  • Materials to make pinwheel. Go to for directions to make a simple pinwheel.
  • Colored construction paper
  • Roll of white paper, several paper grocery bags or large sheets of paper taped together to the size of your child's body. (This is for the ongoing energy center project.)
  • Coloring sheet of each energy center, located at the end of each lesson, for you to download and print for each child doing the activity.
  • Crayons and colored pencils
  • Non-toxic glue

Set Your Environment:

Select a time when both you and your child are rested and happy. You may play some quiet classical music to create more of a spiritual atmosphere.


3-6 Energy Center Lesson 1

For Children Ages 3 to 6 and 6 to 10

Your Seven Energy Centers

Lesson 1, Introduction to Your Divine Self — You


Children will be introduced to the “Chart of Your Divine Self”
and to the seven energy centers.

The key concepts for this lesson are:

  • Who is the real you?
  • God's energy comes into our body through our seven energy centers.
  • Our energy centers are along our spine.
  • We want our energy centers to be full of light.

Lesson: Getting to know you

Can you tell me something very special about yourself? Even if you think I already know, I want you to have the chance to tell about yourself.

Who are you? Tell me who and what you think you are, deep down. Are you your family, your body, your ideas, your feelings? What do you think?

Chart of Your Divine SelfHere is a picture that show the real you in all of its glory. It is called the “Chart of Your Divine Self.”

The real you is more than you might think. This whole figure is you in God's eyes.

Look at the lower figure. That is you as you know yourself now, wrapped in the violet flame light. But you are also your very own beloved Holy Christ Self (in the middle) and your Mighty I Am Presence surrounded with rings of great light, at the top of the chart. You have a flame of God inside your heart and you have a great God Presence high above you, waiting every moment of every day to give you more spiritual light and energy. All of this is who you really are.

Did you already know that? Is it more than you thought? (Discuss.)

How does God's light and energy come into us? If you look very carefully, you see a cord of light connecting your Mighty I AM Presence to your lower self. This is called the crystal cord and it brings God's light in through your head down to your heart. The energy is then distributed to the other energy centers that we call chakras. In your heart is where you first decide how to use the energy. Will you use it in love and joy or will you use it in being mad or hurtful? This is the choice we have every moment of every day. (This will be the recurring theme throughout this entire sequence of eight lessons.)

Do you know what your spine is, and do you know where it is? (Point out the spine on yourself and on your child. Ask your child to feel the bones along his or her back.) Our spine is a column of strong bones that hold us up and allow us to walk and talk. In a little tube inside of our spine, we have nerves that send and receive the messages from our brain that help us do everything we do.

The spine is more than the physical column of bones. Along your spine there are energy centers called chakras. These centers are like an altar in a church. They are where God's energy comes into us. Our body has seven major chakras, or energy centers. We are going to find out about them in the next few weeks.

Show picture of the chakras along the spine.

Chakra Man

Let's look at them together. What do they remind you of? They are a little bit like flowers, aren't they? What do you notice about them? Each one has petals. Each one is a different color and has a different number of petals. When we study each chakra we will find out how many petals it has.

Activity: Building a Pinwheel

Go to for directions to make a simple pinwheel. Preferably, select folders or construction paper in colors that correspond to the energy centers: yellow, green, blue, pink, violet, purple or white.

When you and your child have made the pinwheels, blow on them. This movement is called spinning and this is exactly what the chakras do when they are clear and full of energy. When our charkas are spinning, we feel happy and full of joy and energy. When for some reason they get clogged up and do not spin so fast, we feel tired and grumpy. We will learn what we can do about that.

These energy centers are God’s gift to us. And we are grateful. We can say a special prayer to God, who lives in the entire universe, thanking him for giving us our Divine Self. “Hear O Universe, I am grateful!” (Repeat three times.)

Review: Here are some questions to review the first lesson. Children love to be quizzed, because they love to show you that they know the answers. Through fun repetition of simple games comes mastery of knowledge. If your child is a reader, let him ask you the questions first. (This is a powerful way to review the facts before he takes his turn.)

    • Who are we?

    • What are the two upper parts of the Chart of Your Divine Self called? Holy Christ Self and Mighty I AM Presence.

    • How does God’s energy flow into us? Through our energy centers or chakras.

    • Let’s count them. Seven.

    • What are the energy centers for? They are energy centers for us to receive God’s energy.

    • Where are the energy centers located in your body? Along your spine.

    • Who gets to choose what to do with the energy God gives each one of us? We do!

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