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The Open Door — Ascended Masters Online Radio presents the Teachings of the Ascended MastersTM, offering an opportunity for spiritual seekers everywhere to come up higher, embrace a journey of soul liberation, graduate from Earth’s schoolroom and ultimately return home to the heart of God.

The Open Door Ascended Master Online RadioTeachings of the Ascended MastersTM in 60 minute podcasts
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The Open Door presents the teachings of the ascended masters, offering an opportunity for spiritual seekers everywhere to come up higher, embrace a journey of soul liberation, graduate from Earth’s schoolroom and ultimately return home to the heart of God.

The ascended masters are the saints and sages of East and West and their teachings incorporate the original core beliefs of all major religions. Their magnificent teachings include practical tools such as the Violet Flame and the science of the spoken word. They incorporate priceless revelations about the true nature of Christhood, your individual I AM Presence, karma, reincarnation, soul mates and twin flames and much more!

Put your self on Light support – join us and explore an inner reality rich with possibility as we examine and amplify these key spiritual questions: Who am I? Why am I here? Where am I going? How do I get there?

The Light of God is truly the Open Door which no man can shut.

Over 100 episodes…and counting!

Ascended Master Teachings – Podcast List

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The Miracle of Joy!

Music: The Power to Harm…The Power to Heal

Addicted to the Light

Awaken to the Light Within and Save the World!

Example Speaks Louder Than Words

Is it Okay to Look Out for #1?

Say “Thank You” to Your Karma

Ascension 101

Jesus’ Mission Statement

Good as Gold! (Re-establishing the Divine Economy)

Wake Up! (…to your Divine potential)

Prophecy (Should we be worried?)

Putting God Back in Government

The Enemy Within (Overcoming the Dweller on the Threshold)

Your True Colors (Reading the Aura)

Join the Violet Flame Revolution! (And Change the World)

Keep on Keeping on (Staying on Your Spiritual Path)

Your Inner Self…is God!

Music: Beauty…and the Beast

Awaken to Life’s Purpose

Change the World with the Violet Flame

Don’t Blame God

Momentum…Building Your Stairway to Heaven Step by Step

Don’t Compromise Your Victory

Everyday Sainthood

The I AM Race – the Only Race That Matters!

The Ascended Masters have the Answers!

Become the Christ

I Forgive You

God’s Favorite Colors

I Want to Live Forever

How to Make Your Ascension

Lord of the Wisdom Ray

What Does God Want From Me Anyway?

The Real Meaning of Love

One Plus God is a Majority


Jesus: the Rule, Not the Exception

What’s So Special about America?

There is No Injustice in the Universe

How to Feel Safe and Secure in an Uncertain World

The Christ in You

A Revolution in Higher Consciousness is Coming!

How to Get What You Need

Conquering Death

Healing Disease with the Violet Flame

Your I AM Presence

Jesus’ Lost Years and Lost Teachings

How Am I Going to Get There? – The 4 Essential Questions, Part 4

Where Am I Going? – The 4 Essential Questions, Part 3

Why Am I Here? – The 4 Essential Questions, Part 2

Who Am I? – The 4 Essential Questions Part 1

Soul Travel and Healing

The Will of God is Good


Marriage, Sexuality and Spirituality

Loving Kindness and Self-Mastery

Reuniting with Your Higher Self

Educating the Heart of the Child

The Heart Chakra

The Human Aura, Part II

The Human Aura, Part I

Spiritual Alchemy

God Government

Keys to Victory!

Seven Chakras. Seven Rays

Mystery Schools

Elizabeth Clare Prophet, Messenger

Spiritual Keys to Healing and Wholeness

Darkness and Light


Ascended Masters

Freedom – Who is Saint Germain?


Creative Abundance

Soul Mates and Twin Flames

Decrees -Science of the Spoken Word

Violet Flame

Karma and Reincarnation

Accessing the Power of Your Higher Self

The Story of Your Soul

How Do I Get There?

Where am I Going?

Why am I Here?

Your Real Self

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